About Us
The tale of our voyage from the bean
‘Spilling the Tea’ on Alpha

Alpha Plantations Private Limited carries out the export business of the company through an efficient network of experienced, well-qualified personnel, supported by ample communication facilities.

Honouring the roots: walking you through our tea story

Incorporated in May 1991, the Alpha group has presented to the world, different coffee types such as Arabica Plantation, Cherry Robusta & Arabica Cherry. In the 90’s, it was primarily distributed to the European, Middle East countries, along with several regions in the African continent. It is safe to say that Alpha was quick to realize the many potentials of Indian tea and has successfully crafted an inimitable blend of it over time. This has helped our foray into the revered Indian audience and presently, we have exports under the brand names of Tea Time, Victoria, Mangalam and Classic Tea.

Alpha Plantations, today, is a large and reputed enterprise. The company’s unparalleled performance in delivering results without compromising on the quality we offer, has taken us to unfailing heights. As a credit to our resolve and perseverance, we have been officially recognized as an export house by the venerable Government of India. Presently, the company profitably carries on its business activities as major exporters of Tea, Coffee and Spices.

Walking you further through our tea ritual
Infrastructure: how tea is simply our world

At Alpha, we cater to the responsibility of serving the best by means of excellent infrastructure. The quintessence of our infrastructure is marked by professionalism to the core. We strive to incorporate efficient mechanization to deliver consistent results. This makes us a paragon in producing varied blends for consumption out of high-quality yields of Tea, Coffee and Spices, both within the country and abroad.

Our illustrious endeavour has been markedly expansive. The Alpha group has widened its horizon with our ever-growing product range that now covers a wide variety of premium packed tea, coffee and spices.

Packaging: Delivering deliciousness

Each and every pack, be it for the local market or for the purpose of export, is specially tasted and selected by expert tea tasters. Hygienic packing is ensured through the filling and sealing machines, so every part of the process is totally untouched by hand. The finished products are later packaged in five distinct packaging- Premium packing, Gift packing, Poly pouches, Duplex cartons and, in bulk.

Distribution: how we connect the dots

Here at Alpha, we pride ourselves of unifying the richest flavours of the finest teas with people all over the world. We have taken on the challenge of presenting to you the freshest tea from crop to cup. We take exceptional care to ensure our teabox connects tea to people. And not to distributors nor resellers. But to the tea drinkers. This sets us apart from our competitors.

How we demonstrate the real knack of the ‘Alpha’

Alpha Plantations is a name that is synonymous today with some of the world’s favourite flavours. With its sprawling locals of high-quality yields, we strive to create only what is special, coming from the sophisticated production technology of the Alpha Plant.

Be it Alpha’s Tea, Coffee or even the spices, only superior methods of manufacture are employed here, utilizing state-of-the-art facilities. Stringent quality checks go on to ensure that nothing but the finest of tastes and aromas are processed and packed for our customers.

Brought to you from the Alpha Plantations, these flavours are truly a connoisseur’s delight. With it, we provide you with an underlining assurance that the same superior quality will be presented consistently from its finest plants- a taste as refreshing as the natural backdrop to which it belongs.

More than a brand, we are a culture that hopes to bring about monumental changes in the way tea is perceived and consumed, Yes, one cup at a time. As pioneers who have redefined and rewritten the way the tea reaches from its place of origin to the drinkers, we are taking on the world with a cup of tea in our hand.